8000 Metres: Climbing the World's Highest Mountains

Image for - 8000 Metres: Climbing the World's Highest Mountains
By Alan Hinkes
Category Books Reviewed byEd Douglas
Date Monday, 17 February 2014
Rating Rating 3 out of 5

Alan Hinkes’ account of how he became the first Briton to climb all fourteen of the 8,000-metre peaks was the big seller of late 2013, despite being published some eight years after his final summit. Its appeal rests more perhaps in its photographs, which are well reproduced and printed, than its somewhat dry account, but is a testament to Hinkes’ enduring popularity.

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The Great Tradition

Posted by Ed Douglas at 3.00 PM

  These things build slowly. There’s no immediate recognition that this particular fragment of your life is forming itself so perfectly. You just start out acknowledging the weather is good, that you feel strong and happy and that the day’s challenge matches something inside you that feels important. Things grow from there into something unexpected and welcome, like a ptarmigan scuttling around underfoot or an unexpected breeze as you sweat uphill. Hours later, you realise that you’re in the middle of something ...
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