Full of Myself

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By Johnny Dawes
Category Books Reviewed byEd Douglas
Date Tuesday, 17 January 2012
Rating Rating 4 out of 5

Johnny Dawes' long-awaited memoir is uneven but doesn't disappoint. Quirky, funny and at times brilliantly written, it's among the most creative efforts by a British rock climber ever published. Dawes sees rock and movement on rock in ways that simply don't occur to most climbers – and describes them brilliantly.

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Julian Cooper's Natural Forces

Posted by Ed Douglas at 2.18 PM

There’s a great deal in the outdoor media these days about improving your physical performance, and you can even seek help from those who say they can boost your psychological performance – as though the mountains had become merely an arena in which the individual can categorise themselves. Each to his own.   For myself, as someone moving ungracefully beyond all notions of performance, I benefit most from advice on how to enrich my soul, and if you feel the same, then let me offer you this: the artist Julian Cooper has ...
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